The 424 area code is made up of many cities, neighborhoods, and suburbs. Some of the larger ones include Torrance, Santa Monica, Carson, and Beverly Hills. Because the 424 area code encompasses so many people, there are great differences among the culture of all these cities. These differences are reflected in the legal industry as well. Lawyers can be found practicing in some of the country's biggest law firms to small solo offices. Lawyers also practice in every type of law imaginable, from high-end intellectual property cases to smaller family law cases.


Torrance is a large city located in Southern California, with a population of close to 150,000 people. In fact, this makes Torrance the largest city, population-wise, within the 424 area code. Torrance has about 1.5 miles of beaches. It lies next to the surrounding cities of Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes Estates. Torrance is both residential and industrial, making it an ideal place for lawyers to work and live.

424 Claims to Fame

The Del Amo Fashion Center, one of the largest malls in the country (experts have labeled it anywhere from being the second to the fourth largest mall in the country, depending on which measurements are used), is located in this 424 area code city. This mall came into being in 1982 when it was the result of a merger of two smaller malls. Today, it contains a vast array of upscale clothing stores and eateries, making it a popular place for lawyers to spend on their breaks or after work-hours.

Additionally, AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) was founded in this 424 area code city. Many lawyers and other business professionals participated in AYSO when they were children, and learned valuable skills of teamwork and dedication there.

424 Economy

In terms of the city's economy, it is driven more by manufacturing companies in the automobile or oil industry, versus the services industry that lawyers and other licensed professionals work in. This however, does not mean that there is a shortage of lawyers in this 424 area code city. Many of the lawyers who work in Torrance work in smaller to mid-sized law firms, in a wide variety of areas. They include divorce lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, defense lawyers, and so forth. In terms of manufacturing, the largest employers for the city of Torrance include Toyota, Honda, and ExxonMobil.

424 Government

Torrance is a well-run city, and has standard government structures and facilities. It is composed of several elected officials, including a Mayor, City Treasure and City Clerk. It is also run by a City Council, an elected body, which works on legislation and other city policies. The City Council is also responsible for appointing the City Manager and the City Lawyer.

This 424 area code city also has many libraries. The main branch of the library is located in the Civic Center. There are 5 other branches located throughout the rest of the city. Additionally, the city has its own Superior Courthouse which operates under Los Angeles County System, and many lawyers try their cases here.

Torrance is also the headquarters of the South Bay Bar Association for lawyers. This organization is composed of other 300 members, and helps the community in a variety of ways through educational and social activities. The South Bay Bar Association also has a lawyer referral program and a network program for lawyers who need help with office staffing.

This 424 area code city is located in the 36th Congressional District, which is represented by the Democrat Jane Harman. Jane Harman actually attended Harvard Law School and graduated from it in 1969, although she never practiced as a lawyer. After graduating from law school, she began her career in politics almost immediately.

424 Demographics

This 424 area code city is fairly well-to-do, and a great place to raise a family. Racially, the city is about 60% White, 28% Asian, 13% Hispanic, and 2% African. There are about 54,500 households in this city, and 31% of these households have children under 18 years old. The average size of a household is 2.51 and the average size of a family is 3.10.

The median age in Torrance is 39 years old, and the ratio of women to men is almost equal. In terms of income, the median income for a household is around $76,000, and for a family, higher at $93,000. About 5% of the population lives below the poverty line. Despite the city's strong economic setting, many legal aid societies staffed with lawyers still exist here. For example, Legal Aid has a main office in Torrance. The city also has a Self Help Legal Access Center, founded in partnership with the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, to help those who don't have access to a lawyer.

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